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29.53 Inches Orange Delineator | Unbreakable TPE Made Reflective Delineator

29.53 Inches Orange Delineator | Unbreakable TPE Made Reflective Delineator

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Dimension: 31.5x295.28 inches

Used for: Construction Sites & Parking Spots

Material: TPE

Color: Orange

Weight: 1.87 pounds

Made By: Turkey

Introducing our 29.53 Inches Orange Delineator, a beacon of safety crafted for construction sites and parking spots. This Reflective Delineator, made from unbreakable TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), is designed to stand tall and resilient, ensuring heightened visibility and safety in diverse environments.

Key Features:

Optimal Height: Standing at 29.53 inches, our Orange Delineator provides a commanding presence, making it an ideal choice for construction sites and parking spots. This height ensures visibility from a distance, effectively guiding traffic and enhancing safety in areas where caution is paramount.

Unbreakable TPE Construction: Crafted from unbreakable Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), this Reflective Delineator is built to withstand the rigors of construction sites and high-traffic parking areas. The robust TPE material ensures durability and resilience, making it a reliable choice for long-term safety applications.

Highly Reflective Surface: Safety is our priority, and this delineator features a highly reflective surface that enhances visibility, especially during low-light conditions. The reflective elements contribute to a safer environment by alerting drivers and pedestrians to potential hazards, promoting accident prevention.

Versatile Application: Whether at construction sites or parking spots, this Orange Delineator excels in versatile applications. Its durability and visibility make it a valuable tool for guiding traffic, delineating work zones, and enhancing safety measures in areas where proper signaling is crucial.

Bright Orange Hue: The vivid orange color is universally recognized as a symbol of caution, making it an effective visual cue in areas where safety is paramount. The bright hue ensures that the delineator stands out, capturing attention and promoting adherence to safety protocols.

Easy Installation: Designed for user convenience, this Reflective Delineator is easy to install, allowing for quick deployment in construction zones or parking areas. The hassle-free setup ensures that safety measures can be implemented promptly without compromising efficiency.

Enhance safety and order in construction sites and parking spots with our 29.53 Inches Orange Delineator. Crafted from unbreakable TPE and featuring a highly reflective surface, this delineator is a robust solution for guiding traffic and preventing accidents. Trust in the durability and effectiveness of our Reflective Delineator to create a secure environment where safety comes first.

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