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Chain Hook | PPC Cone Hook | Sturdy Chain Guiding Cone Hook

Chain Hook | PPC Cone Hook | Sturdy Chain Guiding Cone Hook

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Introducing our Chain Hook - the ultimate solution for securing chains with ease and reliability. Crafted with precision and built to last, this PPC Cone Hook stands as a beacon of strength in any setting.

Designed for convenience and durability, our sturdy chain guiding cone hook ensures a secure hold, allowing you to effortlessly guide chains where they're needed most. Whether managing crowd control barriers, marking off construction zones, or organizing storage areas, this hook is your go-to solution for streamlined chain management.

With its robust construction and innovative design, our Chain Hook is the trusted choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Say goodbye to tangled chains and frustrating setups - with our PPC Cone Hook, you can trust in a secure hold every time.

Our chain hooks are essential for creating safe areas at the starting and ending points of cone, funnel, delineator, and strut applications. When used with a delineator, it should be mounted in the grooved section specifically designed for it.

Cone Hook Features:
  • Sturdy and impact-resistant structure.
  • Resistant to fading, wear, and discoloration caused by harsh weather conditions.
  • Produced according to ISO standards, ensuring high durability.
Chain Passing Diameter: 4 cm (diameter of the round area at the top)
Length: 5.5 cm (approximately 2.17 inches)
Width: 5 cm (approximately 1.97 inches)
Material Type: PPC

It is primarily used as a chain attachment device on pontoons, delineators, and pylons. It can be easily mounted on grooved products and is compatible with cone, delineator, and sewing products.


  • Creating lawful, organized, and safe areas in highways, workplaces, parking areas, and private areas to prevent unauthorized parking and entry of pedestrians.
  • Transportation purposes, such as securing chains on cones and delineators.
  • We are creating security areas in front of and around hospitals and public buildings.
  • Wide range of applications: Roads, shops, shopping malls, social areas, and any areas requiring security. It can be used with delineators, pontoons, pillars, and cone products.
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