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Pavement Sign Road Barrier - Red | Portable Barrier with Advertising Barges

Pavement Sign Road Barrier - Red | Portable Barrier with Advertising Barges

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Key Features:

  1. PORTABLE AND PRACTICAL: Designed with dimensions, lightness and stackable features for easy handling and transportation.
  2. MAXIMUM STABILITY: PVC weighted base provides stability for secure placement.
  3. CUSTOMIZED BLANK PANEL: Personalize messages to suit your specific needs or advertise your brand. (only blank barrier available)
  4. CHAIN HOLES AND THREADED SOCKET: Allow for easy customization and accessory attachment.
  5. VERSATILE USAGE: Suitable for a wide range of environments, both indoor and outdoor.

About this item:

Introducing our Red Pavement Sign Road Barrier, a versatile and portable solution for effective crowd control and advertising. This barrier offers practicality with its dimensions, light weight and stackable design, making it easy to handle and transport. The PVC weighted base ensures maximum stability, while the customized blank panel allows for personalized messaging. Equipped with chain holes on lateral sides, an integral threaded socket, and carrying handles, it's designed for convenience. Attach lamps, signboards, or chains directly to enhance visibility. Suitable for a wide range of environments including parking lots, streets, public areas, and both indoor and outdoor spaces for efficient guidance and traffic channelization.

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