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Stackable Warning Post - Red | Reflective Delineator Post with PVC Weighted Base

Stackable Warning Post - Red | Reflective Delineator Post with PVC Weighted Base

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  • Item Type: Delineator Post 
  • Base Type: Mountable/Demountable Weighted Base.
  • Stackable Design.
  • Body Height: 47.2 Inch (120 CM)
  • Base Diameter: 19.6 Inch (50 cm)
  • Material (body/base): PPC-PVC
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Weight: 18.74 lb

Key Features:

  1. ENHANCED VISIBILITY: Four highly reflective stripes made from high-quality PPC material for optimal visibility day or night.
  2. PVC WEIGHTED BASE: Filled with PVC material for added stability, keeping the post securely in place.
  3. STACKABLE DESIGN: Allows for convenient storage and transport.
  4. EASY MOUNT/DEMOUNT BASE: Attach and detach the weighted base effortlessly for quick setup and removal.
  5. HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Weighing 18.74lb, it provides sturdy support for various applications.

About this item:

Introducing our Stackable Warning Post - the ultimate solution for enhancing safety and visibility in any environment. Crafted with precision and engineered for reliability, this warning post stands tall as a beacon of caution, guiding and protecting with unwavering effectiveness.

In vibrant red, its color commands attention, instantly signaling potential hazards and urging caution to all who encounter it. Day or night, its reflective delineator shines bright, casting a radiant glow that catches the eye from afar. Whether amidst bustling construction sites, labyrinthine parking lots, or winding roadways, this post stands as a steadfast sentinel, ensuring safety remains paramount.

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