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Traffic Safety Reflective Post - Yellow | Sand Filled Base Warning Post | Delineator Post

Traffic Safety Reflective Post - Yellow | Sand Filled Base Warning Post | Delineator Post

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  • Item Type: Delineator Post
  • Color: Yellow
  • Reflectors: 4x High quality reflective collars.
  • Body Size: 47.2x 4.3 Inch (120 x 11cm)
  • Base Size: 3.7x 15.7 Inch (9.5 x 40cm)
  • Base Type: Mountable/Demountable handle and sand filling weighted base. 
  • Material: PPC
  • Weight: 26.46 lb (12 kg)

Key Features:

EASY MOUNTING: Attach and detach the handle effortlessly for quick setup and removal.
STURDY WEIGHTED BASE: Fill with sand for added stability, ensuring the post stays securely in place.
INTEGRAL CHAIN HOLE: Easily attach cautionary chains for increased visibility and delineation.
THREADED SOCKET IN HANDLE: Compatible with various accessories like lamps, signboards, and chains for enhanced warning capabilities.
VERSATILE APPLICATION: Suitable for a wide range of zones including roads, construction areas, residential zones, parking lots, and more.

About this item:

Introducing our Traffic Safety Reflective Post in a bold Yellow hue, a beacon of caution and visibility on the road. This Delineator Post is meticulously crafted with a Sand Filled Base and top-tier reflective collars to ensure optimal safety and traffic control.

Key Features:

Yellow Vigilance: Make a statement on the road with our Traffic Safety Reflective Post in a vibrant yellow color. Yellow is universally recognized as a symbol of caution and serves as an effective visual cue, alerting drivers and pedestrians to exercise heightened awareness. Enhance safety with this unmistakable beacon.

High-Quality Reflective Collars: Safety is paramount, and our delineator post comes equipped with 4 high-quality reflective collars. These collars maximize visibility, ensuring that the post remains conspicuous even in low-light conditions. Illuminate your traffic control strategy with confidence and reliability.

Generous Dimensions: With a body size of 47.2 x 4.3 inches (120 x 11cm), this Delineator Post stands tall without being intrusive. Its substantial presence makes it an ideal choice for guiding traffic through intricate routes, marking lanes, and delineating important zones in various environments.

Sturdy Sand Filled Base: The base of our reflective post is engineered for stability and resilience. Featuring a demountable handle and a mountable sand-filling weighted base (3.7 x 15.7 inches or 9.5 x 40cm), it provides a secure foundation to withstand varying weather conditions and high-traffic areas.

Versatile Material: Crafted from PPC (Polypropylene Carbonate), this Traffic Safety Reflective Post offers the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. The material ensures resilience against impact, making it suitable for demanding environments while maintaining adaptability for different applications.

Optimal Weight: Weighing 26.46 pounds (12 kg), our delineator post strikes the ideal balance between stability and maneuverability. This weight ensures that the post remains firmly in place while remaining manageable for easy installation and relocation as needed.

Enhance road safety and order with our Traffic Safety Reflective Post in bold yellow. Offering a perfect blend of visibility, stability, and versatility, this delineator post is a crucial element in any comprehensive traffic control strategy. Trust in the quality and innovation embodied in our Yellow Reflective Post to make a lasting impact on road safety.

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