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Ultra Traffic Cone - 24.4 Inches (62CM) | Unbreakable Reflective Traffic Cone - Green

Ultra Traffic Cone - 24.4 Inches (62CM) | Unbreakable Reflective Traffic Cone - Green

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  • Item Type: Traffic Cone
  • Size: 24.4" (62CM) 
  • Color: Green & White
  • Material: PPC-PVC
  • Design: Stackable Design and Weather Resistant
                 Threaded Socket for Attaching Warning Signs/Lights
                 Suitable for Residential/Commercial Applications
  • Weight: 11.35lb
  • Made in: Turkey

Key Features:

  1. UNBREAKABLE SOLID BODY: Built to withstand tough conditions, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  2. CAT-EYES LENSES: Equipped with 2x4 cat-eyes lenses for enhanced visibility and safety.
  3. INTEGRAL THREADED SOCKET: Easily attach lamps, signboards, or chains for added warning capabilities.
  4. STACKABLE DESIGN: Allows for convenient storage and transportation.
  5. HIGH VISIBILITY: The effective visual design ensures maximum visibility in various environments.

About the item:

This high-visibility, green traffic cone is designed for maximum durability and effectiveness in various settings. It features unbreakable solid body and lenses, ensuring it can withstand tough conditions. The cone is equipped with cat-eyes lenses for enhanced visibility. The integral threaded socket allows for easy attachment of lamps, signboards, or chains. With a stackable design, it's easy to store and transport. Suitable for a wide range of areas, including industrial, shopping, residential, parking lots, construction zones, and more.

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